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At Dua Old Age Home, we recognize the value of giving our cherished senior residents a supportive and sympathetic environment. Our priority is taking care of senior citizens. Therefore, we believe in providing all the comfort to our beloved seniors.



Happy Seniors

Everyone deserves to age with respect, dignity, and the most effective care. We aim to provide a caring community where people feel appreciated, valued, and loved at home. This idea serves as the foundation of all of our services.

Our devoted team of skilled specialists, passionate about offering top-notch care, distinguishes Dua Old Age Home from the competition. Each team member has been carefully chosen and trained to provide each resident with individualized care, ensuring that their physical, emotional, and social needs are addressed with the highest warmth and sincerity.

Dua Old Age Home in Noida offers the following Services:

1. Comfortable, well-furnished lodging for a homely living experience.

2. Individualized care based on each resident’s particular requirements and preferences.

3. Homemade meals that are delicious and nutritious while considering dietary needs and tastes.

4. Consistent health checkups and medication management, available 24/7.

5. Entertaining pursuits, social occasions, and leisure activities that foster both mental and physical wellness.

6. Safety and security precautions like trained staff, CCTV surveillance, and emergency response systems.

7. Support for movement to ensure comfort and independence and assist with daily living chores like bathing, dressing, grooming, and clothing.

8. Adequate medication delivery and supervision to guarantee residents receive the correct dosage at the appropriate time.

9. Availability of rehabilitation services to maintain or enhance physical capabilities and mobility, such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

10. Specialized care, including regular routines, memory-boosting exercises, and a secure environment for individuals with memory-related diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

11. Compassionate care for patients nearing the end of their lives, emphasizing pain relief, emotional support, and upholding their dignity.

12. Regular social events, cultural activities, games, and outings to keep people involved, connected to the community, and living satisfying lives

Documents Required for Old Age Home in Noida

The following list of typical documents required throughout the admissions process:

1. Identification Proof: In Identification Proof, we need Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, passports, or any other government-issued ID, all acceptable forms of identification.

2. Age Proof: Birth certificates confirm the applicant’s age.

3. Medical Records: We require medical records showing whether the senior citizen has a medical illness.

4. Address Proof: Address proof is a mandatory requirement to check the background of the Senior Citizen.

5. Financial Documents: Evidence of your ability to pay for your stay at the senior living facility, such as bank statements, income certificates, or any other relevant financial documents.

6. Emergency Contact Information: We need general information such as family contact numbers, to connect with the candidates’ families.

For information on the detailed documentation Dua Old Age Home needs for admission, it is best to contact us. We will give you precise and current information about our admissions procedure and documentation needs.

Online Procedure to get Admission in Dua Old Age Home in Noida

Here is a general flowchart for an online procedure:

1. Access the website. To access Dua Old Age Home’s online application process, visit our official website.

2. Go to the Admission Section: Look for a specific area or website for enrollment or admissions. It can be marked “Admissions,” “Join Us,” or some such phrase.

3. Read the requirements and guidelines: Examine the admissions page’s qualifications, eligibility requirements, and standards. This will enable you to determine whether Dua Old Age Home meets your needs and expectations.

4. Complete the online form for the application: There is an online application form on the website. As requested, give exact and thorough information, including contact data, medical history, and personal particulars. You might be questioned about specifics like your name, age, medical background, and emergency contact information.

5. Upload Required Documents: Gather the paperwork listed in the application. Following the guidelines, documents should be scanned or photographed clearly before uploading. Documents frequently uploaded include identification and age verifications, health records, address verifications, and financial records.

6. Submit the Application: Finish the online application by completing the form and uploading the necessary files. You should check and double-check the information on some websites before submitting it.

7. Await Confirmation and Follow-Up: Watch for a response from Dua Old Age Home after application submission. To acknowledge receipt of your application, provide additional instructions, or, if necessary, arrange for an interview or assessment, we may contact you by phone or email.

8. Finish any further actions: Complete any extra admissions procedures that may be required, such as interviews, medical evaluations, or facility visits. Any directions issued by the admissions staff should be followed.

9. Application review and acceptance: After your application has been examined, you will be informed of the outcome of your admission. If accepted, thoroughly review the fees, terms, and other pertinent data provided.

10. Confirm Enrollment and Payment: If you wish to enroll, follow the instructions to confirm your acceptance and make the required payment by Dua Old Age Home’s payment terms and conditions.

Why should Senior citizens Choose an Old Age Home in Noida?

1. The Dua Old Age Home in Noida provides a loving and compassionate environment where seniors are welcomed.

2. Each resident receives individualized care to meet their specific requirements and preferences from our qualified and experienced personnel.

3. We guarantee wholesome meals that consider dietary restrictions and personal preferences.

4. Engaging activities and chances for social interaction are available to keep seniors entertained and promote a strong sense of community.

5. With us being in Noida, you may easily reach healthcare services, retail establishments, and leisure areas.

6. Families may rest easy knowing their loved ones get the most excellent care and assistance possible in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


1. What facilities and services does Dua Old Age Home offer?

Dua Old Age Home offers a comfortable lodging, individualized care, wholesome meals, healthcare assistance, entertaining activities, safety and security measures, and various additional services. Please see our website’s “Services” section for a complete list.

2. How can I apply for admission to the Dua Old Age Home?

Visit our website and submit an online application. As directed, fill out the required fields and upload the necessary files. After reviewing your application, an admissions staff member will contact you with additional information.

3. Who qualifies for admission to Dua Old Age Home?

Seniors who need assisted living, memory care, or rehabilitation services are welcome. Eligibility criteria include age, health, and suitability for our services into account. Please get in touch with our admissions staff if you want additional details.

4. Is family members encouraged to visit Dua Old Age Home residents?

Yes, it is encouraged for family members to see their loved ones at Dua Old Age Home. We encourage preserving close ties between residents and their families. To make sure that everyone may visit in a welcoming and secure environment, we have set visiting times and policies in place.

5. How are residents’ healthcare requirements met at Dua Old Age Home?

We have a group of skilled carers who offer round-the-clock healthcare support. This includes medications, regular checkups, and coordinating with medical personnel. The health and well-being of our people are our top priorities.

6. Do locals have access to social and recreational activities?

Absolutely! We know how crucial social interaction and leisure time are for elders. We plan various activities, events, outings, and hobby clubs to keep our residents entertained and social with their neighbours.

7. What security measures is Dua Old Age Home using?

Our residents’ security and safety are our top priorities. Emergency response systems, professional security guards, and CCTV surveillance are all on our property. We have taken steps to provide a safe environment where our residents can live happily.

8. How are residents’ nutritional requirements met?

Our on-site kitchen creates wholesome and delectable meals while considering each customer’s dietary needs and preferences. We ensure that the meals served to residents are balanced, encourage good health, and meet their needs.

9. Are there chances for wellness and spiritual pursuits?

We respect the residents’ spiritual needs. We provide access to spiritual practises, meditation, yoga classes, and wellness initiatives to encourage holistic well-being and inner tranquillity.

10. What are the costs and payment choices for dwelling at Dua Old Age Home?

Our costs and payment options vary according to the services and accommodations selected. We provide many pricing tiers to accommodate various needs. Please get in touch with our admissions team for comprehensive information on payment methods and costs.

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